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AC Units We Trust & Sell

Upgrading or replacing your air conditioner will keep you cooler during the hot San Antonio summer months and substantially reduce your monthly utility bills. Modern air conditioners use as much as 50% less energy than older units, and this translates into savings of up to 40% on operating costs.

Choosing the Right AC Unit

We are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, and as part of that promise, we help you choose the right AC unit. You know your home better than anyone, so we first ask you about your concerns with your current air conditioner. We perform load calculations on your home and afterwards, we inspect your air conditioning system to locate the source of problems.

Your air conditioner may only need routine maintenance, but sometimes, replacing the unit may make the most sense financially. At Aramendia, we know that informed customers make the best choices for themselves. We explain the reasons your air conditioner is not working, and we give you the facts you need to decide on the right option.

Reasons to purchase a new air conditioner include:

  • Replacing an aging unit
  • High cost of repair
  • High temperatures inside your home
  • Rising utility bills
  • Remodeling a home

Trusted AC Units

Aramendia understands that each home is unique. We use our 26 years of experience to advise you on the air conditioning solution to meet your needs. Aramendia values your time, so we complete the installation process quickly and efficiently. We keep the following brands of AC units in stock for our customers:

Expert Recommendations for New AC Units

When recommending an air conditioner, we take the size of your home into account. AC units that are too large operate inefficiently, as the unit will cycle on and off repeatedly to maintain a balanced temperature. This will also cause the humidity to rise and allow mildew to grow in your house. Units that are not large enough for your home will stay on constantly, running up your electricity bills and wearing down the unit. One way an air conditioner cools a home is by removing the moisture in the air. A unit that is too small makes a home hot and dry.

To prevent these issues, we take measurements to find the area of each room, and then we make calculations to determine the capacity of the air conditioner needed to evenly cool your home.

Other factors we take into consideration include:

  • How much light or shade falls on your home throughout the day
  • Insulation around your doors and windows
  • Rooms with additional cooling needs such as a kitchen
  • Number of large windows
  • Sound output of the unit

What about AC Features and Brands?

Once we know which size is the correct choice for you, we help you explore the differences between individual brands. In San Antonio, temperatures frequently rise over 100 degrees. To keep up and stay energy efficient, an air conditioner needs to have an adequate high-efficiency rating. The AC units we install and recommend to our customers all meet or exceed energy efficiency standards.

Features to compare:

  • Energy efficiency rating
  • Expected life span of the unit
  • High-temperature rating and thermal expansion valves
  • Variable speed handlers to accommodate new ventilation systems
  • Additional options such as filter replacement indicator lights

The efficiency rating of an air conditioner is listed according to the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of the unit. SEER ratings describe the amount of energy needed to power the air conditioner versus the cooling output produced.

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