Can Bleach Unclog My Drains?

Many homeowners use bleach as a kind of all-purpose cleaning agent throughout their homes. From the laundry to the countertops, it seems there’s almost nothing bleach cannot clean. Those who are struggling with a slow or completely blocked drain and are scouring the internet for solutions to their drain clog may even be surprised to see that bleach is commonly used to unclog drains. Could this be true? Is bleach really a miracle chemical?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Bleach’s value lies in its ability to sanitize surfaces and kill germs. Although it can remove stains effectively and kill off bacteria, bleach is not an acid as many people believe. Therefore, it cannot eat away at blockages the way you might expect hydrochloric acid to, for example. If you have a major blockage in your drain, the most bleach can do is sanitize the sink basin and pipes and flush out loose debris. The results would be similar to simply pouring water down the drain. The safest and best way to clean your sink and drain with bleach, according to Clorox®, is to follow these steps.

Wearing gloves, soak a sponge in bleach and wipe the sink basin with the sponge.

Stopper the drain and fill the basin with one gallon of water.

Add half a cup of bleach.

Leave the mixture to sit for five minutes.

Drain the mixture.

Leave it to air dry.1

Bleach is a dangerous chemical when used without proper protective equipment like gloves and a mask. Do not mix bleach with any other chemical.

Best Ways to Unclog Your Drains

So, if bleach can’t unclog your drain, what can you do to remedy the situation? If one method won’t work, you may have to combine techniques to get better results. It’s always recommended you start with the simplest unclogging solutions before spending money and time on more professional tools and chemicals. Try some of these methods to remove blockages. Make sure you keep gloves, towels, a sponge and water nearby in case of a mess.

Remove the stopper and cut off the hair or debris that has collected around it.

Use a plunger to suck out or dislodge the blockage if it isn’t far into the pipes.

Using a bucket and gloves, drain the standing water and clean your sink trap of any blockages and debris. Be sure to plug the sink pipe with a wet rag while the trap is removed.

Purchase a chemical drain cleaner or use a bleach solution to soften and flush out loose debris. Acidic cleaners can even break down debris, making it easier to remove. Use a plumbing snake to pull the clog out.

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Luckily, unclogging your drain is a fairly simple procedure, but not all plumbing fiascos are quite so easy to fix. If you find yourself dealing with a leak, a burst pipe or a backed up sewer line, you need a professional plumber who can quickly put an end to your plumbing nightmare.

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