How to Figure Out If You Have a Slab Leak

A house fire or roof collapse may be one of your worst fears, but there could be another threat lurking beneath the surface of your home – a slab leak.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is any leak in the water line underneath the foundation of your home. These leaks must be addressed immediately because they can cause structural damage and dangerous mold growth. They are also far more expensive to repair than your average in-home leak.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

If you have a slab leak on your hands, there are several possible causes, including:

Faulty Installation

If the pipes were damaged before or during installation, the damage has only gotten worse with regular use and pressure from your home.

Earth Upheaval

Different types of earth can expand and contract with changing weather conditions, like freezing and thawing. As the earth moves your foundation and pipes, it can put stress on them until they crack.


It is normal for metal pipes to corrode from the inside due to interactions with substances in the water. Water lines are also exposed to chemicals in the soil. Eventually, natural chemical processes eat away at your pipes, causing a leak.

General Wear and Tear

Unlike the pipes throughout your home, the water line is subject to soil, rocks, tree roots and other natural elements that can cause friction and wear. Over time, this may result in a leak.

What Are the Signs of a Slab Leak?

Because the water is leaking under your home, it’s unlikely you will see it. Instead, watch out for indirect symptoms of a leak, such as:

Unusually high water bills

The sound of running water when appliances are not in use

A water meter dial indicating running water when it should be turned off

Wet floors and soppy carpets in the lowest level of your home

Warm spots on the floor indicating a hot water leak

Unexplained mold and mildew growth

Water pooling near your home

Low water pressure


Many of these symptoms can be attributed to other structural problems in the home, and some only present themselves once the leak has already caused significant damage. You want to schedule an inspection at the first signs of a slab leak to save yourself money down the road.

How Do I Find a Slab Leak?

Homeowners should not attempt to find slab leaks on their own because that would require tearing up the entire foundation. Instead, hire a service technician in your area with specialized equipment that can:

Identify warm and cold spots on your floor

Trace the path of pipes beneath your home

Isolate the pipe that is leaking

Hiring certified plumbers to locate a slab leak is far more affordable than having to demolish your foundation to find it or risk the leak causing severe structural damage.

How Are Slab Leaks Repaired?

The method of slab leak repair depends on several factors, such as the material and age of your pipes and the extent of the leak. Here are some of the repairs a professional may recommend:


The pipes are completely removed and replaced. This may be the right call if your water line is old and likely to leak again.


Faulty piping is bypassed altogether and new pipes are added which is the preferred method for single line leaks.

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