How to Lower AC Costs This Summer

The heat of summer can put your AC system through its paces, straining your unit and your wallet with higher utility bills. Here are some summer cooling tips to save on energy bills, prevent stress on your AC system and keep your home cooler.

Summer Home Cooling Tips

• Install screens on your windows – Windows are the main way light and heat enter your home. Installing UV/solar screens or meshlike window screens can intercept up to 70% of solar energy, preventing it from entering and heating your home. Your west and east facing windows generally receive the most sunlight, and benefit the most from being fitted with screens. Window film is another option. These transparent, metalized sheets reflect heat away from the glass, preventing the rays from heating the interior of your home. Both solutions work best when windows are completely closed and are fitted with blinds inside the home.

• Adjust your thermostat to 78 degrees – Setting your thermostat to 78 degrees is a happy medium temperature, keeping you cool without sending cooling bills skyrocketing in the summer. You can save as much as 5% to 15% on your air conditioning bills by doing so. When you’re away from home, set your AC one or two degrees higher.

• Circulate stagnant air with fans – Not every room is cooled equally and sometimes your AC needs a little extra assistance in certain areas of your home. Instead of overcooling your entire home to ensure those far corners meet your temperature needs, consider using fans to supplement your temperature control efforts. Fans, whether they’re portable fans or ceiling fans, don’t actually cool a room; rather the air moving over your skin lowers your body temperature, creating the cooling effect. That being said, fans can still make people in the room feel a few degrees cooler, allowing you to turn up your thermostat a few degrees.

• Avoid baking or cooking on the stove – Your stove can generate a lot of heat when in use, contributing to an already warm atmosphere. If you need to cook, wait until the evening for the sun to go down or meal prep in the early morning so you only need to microwave when you get home for dinner. After cooking, turn on the kitchen exhaust fan to remove humidity, heat and moisture.

Have Your AC Unit Inspected and Maintained with Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air

Sometimes simple cooling tips might not be enough to save you money, as your inefficient AC unit itself may be the primary culprit of your high-energy-bill woes. At Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air we can ensure your AC unit is working properly and cooling your home efficiently.

All of our air conditioning technicians are fully licensed and certified experts, and are always prepared to install, upgrade or replace residential and commercial air conditioning units. From minor repairs to complete system installations or replacements, Aramendia is proud to provide you with consistently superior products and services.

Staying cool during those hot summer days while minimizing your energy bill may seem like an impossible challenge, but Aramendia’s AC installation professionals can turn those dreams into a reality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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