Is This Safe For The Garbage Disposal?

is this safe for the garbage disposal
Is This Safe for the Garbage Disposal One thing that’s synonymous with the holidays in almost every household is copious amounts of cooking, baking and leftovers. That also means garbage disposals are getting put through their paces. However, garbage disposals aren’t indestructible shredding machines – there are many organic and inorganic things you shouldn’t feed it.
fish bones down a garbage disposal
Fish Bones Fish bones are the only exception to the ‘No Bones’ rule. Small fish bones are soft and fragile enough to be turned to scrap by the high-speed blades of a garbage disposal, but anything bigger will only cause problems. Keep in mind, garbage disposals are primarily intended to dispose of edible food waste, which hard bones are not.

fruit pits and seeds down a garbage disposal
Fruit Pits and Seeds Some pits, like peach pits, can feel almost as hard as some animal bones. Even when spinning at 2,000 RPM with three-quarters horse power, a garbage disposal will still be unable to shred many seeds and pits, and may damage itself in the attempt.
egg shells down a garbage disposal
The Eggshell Debate There is no consensus in the, “Are eggshells safe for garbage disposals?” debate. This is understandable because owner’s manuals of disposal units are divided on the subject as well. Some may even explicitly state you can put eggshells in your disposal. Not all garbage disposals are made equal, so the safety of disposing of eggshells likely varies by the strength and design of the disposal. Check with the manufacturer. If you’d rather play it safe, putting eggshells down the disposal is best avoided.
grease down a garbage disposal
Grease The same reason you shouldn’t pour grease down the drain is the reason you shouldn’t put it down a garbage disposal. Grease eventually cools and hardens, at which point it won’t easily rinse down your pipes. It’s always best to pour grease or other fats into a container to solidify and then throw it in the regular trash rather than letting it turn into a blockage in your pipes.
pasta and rice down a garbage disposal
Pastas and Rice The same thing that happens to pasta and rice when you cook them in boiling water can happen to them when they’re in your pipes – expansion. This is especially troublesome when the expanding pasta is joined by other things that shouldn’t be put down a garbage disposal, like coffee grounds, grease and eggshells.
The Coffee Ground Debate You may hear mixed answers on coffee grounds for reasons similar to egg shells. The consistency of coffee grounds can potentially result in them settling in your pipes or sticking to its sides and contributing to blockages, but you’ll also see garbage disposal user manuals that suggest it’s perfectly safe to put coffee grounds down your disposal. If you want to be exceptionally cautious avoid them entirely. If you do put grounds down your disposal, try not to overdo it.
Fibrous Veggies Can Cause Problems Some vegetables and veggie waste have a stringy, fibrous texture. These can cause problems for garbage disposals. If those fibers get tangled around the spinning flywheel and impellers, they could cause the motor to jam, seize up and potentially burn out. Some things to avoid include un-diced celery, corn husks, potato peels and asparagus.
aramendia garbage disposal repair maintenance services
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