Keep Your Furnace Going All Winter Long

With winter in full swing, you and your family are relying on your furnace and heating system more than ever to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the chilly months. Although Texas doesn’t experience the piles of snow or frozen roads common in other areas of the United States, maintaining a functional furnace is important when the nighttime temperatures dip a little too low for comfort. Ensure your furnace is up to snuff by following these simple steps.

Maintain Your System

Prevention is the most effective treatment. Your furnace has likely not been used for close to a year, so it may need a tune-up and once-over to ensure it’s ready to roll. Give your local heating professional a call to schedule a maintenance check and tune-up for your system. Your heating technician will examine your heating components to check for loose safety components, cracks in heat exchangers, obstructions in fans and other intricate maintenance issues. If they find a problem, they’ll fix it for you on the spot or schedule a time to have it replaced or repaired. They will also likely replace your internal furnace filters if you have new filters at the time.

Although a heating professional can take care of all your heating needs, some DIYers may be craving a project of their own. If you’d like to get your hands dirty, replace your air filters monthly during the high-use season and ensure all your vents are open. If your furnace runs on propane, you can also have a propane company fill up the tank for you without the assistance of a heating technician.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Once the chill has set in, it’s time to reprogram your programmable thermostat. If you don’t have one in your home, now’s a great time to get one and start saving on your energy bill. Programmable thermostats can cut down on your energy spending by only heating your home when you know you’ll be there. When you’re at school, work or sleeping, your system can be programmed to shut off so as not to waste energy. Depending on your preferences, a programmable thermostat can also begin reheating just before you get home so you don’t have to walk into a freezing house.

Clean Your Ducts and External Units

Sometimes, fallen tree leaves, dirt and debris can crowd the external components of your heating system during fall, which may cause problems come winter when you’re ready to turn on your heat. Be sure to keep the area around a furnace free of loose debris and combustible items, and remove debris from on top of and inside the unit to improve heating efficiency and decrease the chance of an accidental fire.

Dust and dirt can also make their way into the ductwork of your home and get pumped throughout your house if you don’t have adequate filtration in place. Ducts are often caked with a layer of grime that has collected throughout the year, and while this is common, it’s still unsafe. Filthy ducts can breed bacteria that is then circulated throughout your home and inhaled by you and your family members. This dirt may also catch fire when you use your heater. Call in a professional to thoroughly inspect your ductwork to ensure you and your family are healthy, safe and comfortable.

Stay Warm and Cozy This Winter With Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air

You’ll need a properly working heater to ensure you’re prepared for the colder-than-usual winter nights in San Antonio. We know you’ll only trust your family’s comfort to an experienced and professional maintenance team, which is why we take great pride in our track record of superb service.

At Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air, our technicians undergo rigorous training and specialize in providing friendly, prompt service to Texas homeowners. When you need a reliable, affordable fix for your heater this winter, look to the team with more than 29 years of experience – Aramendia. Contact us online or call 210-654-1034 to receive your quote or to schedule an appointment today.

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