When Should I Repipe My Home?

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A whole home repipe is a daunting project most homeowners try to put off for as long as possible. The time and expense of a total repipe is largely dependent on how your home was built and the type of piping you want to install. In some homes, repiping will require digging into the foundation slab and tearing out a lot of drywall. Despite the inconvenience, it can be a worthwhile endeavor in many situations, especially if you’re constantly having to call a plumber to perform pipe repair for leaks or burst pipes.

Plumbing system age, condition and pipe material are the primary contributing factors that should influence your decision on whether to schedule a simple pipe repair or total home repiping.

As a rule of thumb, brass, cast iron and galvanized steel pipes have the longest lifespan, and should last for 80 to 100 years. Copper pipes should maintain their integrity for between 70 and 80 years. PVC piping generally has the shortest lifespan, at 25 to 40 years.

Although rare now, some older homes still have pipes containing lead. If your home has lead piping they should be replaced as soon as possible due to the dangers the toxic metal can pose to you and your family’s health.

Signs Your Pipes Need Replacing

The quality of your home’s water and condition of your fixtures are good indicators of your plumbing system’s overall health. Water that is tinted brown indicates rust in your pipes. This means the inside of your home’s piping has corroded to the point where replacement is likely the only viable solution. If left untreated, these pipes will eventually burst, causing even greater damage to your property.

You should also check any exposed pipes for discoloration, flaking or dimpling. If your home’s pipes exhibit any of these characteristics, there’s a good chance there is corrosion in your pipes and their useable lifespan is quickly running out.

Frequent leaks are another potential indicator that your home’s piping may be in need of replacement. If you suddenly need to call the plumber for pipe repair more often than you have before due to leaks or pressure problems, the age of your pipes and their condition may be to blame.

Weak water pressure is another potential indicator of pipe problems. All types of leaks can potential cause a drop in water pressure, include leaks that are behind walls or in your home’s foundation. You should always be on the lookout for leaks if you notice your shower or sinks suddenly have reduced water pressure. Although old pipes and leaks aren’t always to blame for water pressure problems, they are one potential culprit. Leaks behind walls can also lead to wood rot and mold growth, which can put the health of everyone living in your home at risk.

The minerals in hard water tend to accelerate the accumulation of deposits, so if you are noticing rapid buildup of calcification around your fixtures you will probably want to keep a close watch on the condition of your home’s piping.

If you do have hardwater and you decide to repipe, having a water softener system installed at the same time may be a good idea. In addition to the quality of life benefits of soft water – like cleaner, brighter clothing, smoother skin and less spotting on dishes – you may also extend the life of your new pipes.

The Best Time to Repipe

Although homeowners don’t always get to schedule their repiping in advance, it’s always preferable to do a repiping project before a plumbing emergency occurs. If you’re considering significant renovations or remodeling in the near future, consider calling a plumber to get estimates on repiping at the same time.

Repiping can require tearing out a lot of drywall or even digging into part of the home’s foundation. If you can have your repiping project coincide with another renovation project where drywall or flooring is going to be torn up anyways, you can save yourself some money on repairs and rebuilding.

Find Out If You Just Need Pipe Repair or Would Benefit From Repiping

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Our plumbers will carefully analyze your plumbing system and give you an honest assessment on whether you just need simple plumbing repair or if repiping is the best course of action.

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