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We at Aramendia only offer high quality, affordable plumbing supplies and plumbing products for residents and business owners in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on consistently offering the newest technologies on the market. Whether you need a small, simple repair job or a completely new system install, our licensed plumbers know the products that will garner the most effective results. The plumbing products and plumbing supplies that a business uses and installs can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of services they are able to provide. Using cheap, low quality products can result in costly repairs over time. At Aramendia, we want our customers to know that they are paying for the best service possible, which is why we are particular about the brands and products that we offer.

Types of Water & Plumbing Products

Aramendia only offers high quality, trusted plumbing products to our clients and stands by our performance when installing and servicing. Below is a list of product types we offer and install:

Water Softeners: Our service technicians frequently install water softeners in San Antonio, New Braunfels and surrounding areas, providing our customers with the luxury of soft water. Aramendia carries Nelsen brand of Standard and Dual Media water softeners, which are both top-of-the line products that are easy to use and provide superior service. 

Water Filtration Systems: The basic water filtration systems that we carry at Aramendia can give your family the quality soften water that you deserve. The installation is a quick and easy process for our plumbers. Carbon Filters: Removes chlorine/chloramine tastes and odors and the harmful effects caused by them.They also extend the life of the softener resin.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems: If you have the desire to remove chemicals and minerals from your tap water, Aramendia’s technicians can install a reverse osmosis water filtration system to give you confidence in the water you drink every day.

Flow-Tech Electronic Anti-Scaling Device: This device uses proven oil field technology to prevent scaling in existing plumbing systems and to remove scaling wherever it exists. While not a filter or a softener, it does stop the harmful effects of scale and maintains beneficial minerals.

Tankless Water Heaters: The installation of tankless water heaters has become increasingly popular as a way to reduce energy consumption and we feature the super efficient Navien brand to give you an endless supply of hot water.

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Aramendia has been serving San Antonio
and the surrounding areas for over 29 years and we pride ourselves on the trust and reputation we have earned over that time. Our loyal customers know us as a reliable and trustworthy service company that will quickly send a highly-qualified technician to their home or office to take care of them.  In August of 2017, Aramendia became part of the Service Experts family. As a Service Experts company, Aramendia will continue to serve San Antonio and the surrounding area.