Highest Quality Sump Pump Services


Fast & Efficient Sump Pump or Lift Station Repair Services

Our plumbers at Aramendia specialize in performing routine sump pump repair and maintenance. If issues arise, we’ll first diagnose and troubleshoot before making any recommendations.

We’ll check all of the follow sump pump components:

● Float switch: Often times the first place we’ll look is at the float trigger, which can wear out or get caught  on debris.
● Check Valve: We’ll visually inspect the check valve to make sure that it's operating properly.
● Electrical system: We’ll check the pump wiring and electrical outlet to make sure the correct current is available.
● Test cycle: We’ll fill the sump and make sure the pump cycles properly.
● Leaks: Finally, we’ll also inspect for any leaks along the drainage line, which lead to water patches or sinkholes on your lawn.

We at Aramendia pride ourselves in performing fast and efficient sump pump repair to help restore confidence in your home’s sump pump system and peace-of-mind in knowing it’s been cared for by the best in the industry.

What is a Lift Station?

A lift station is a basin with an electric pump and a float switch that's installed where gravity drainage of a plumbing system is not possible. Lift stations typically works as follows:

● Water and waste rise to a certain level triggering a float switch which activates the pump.

 ● A discharge pipe carries the wastewater through an underground system to a point in the sewer system where gravity can take over.

● A check valve at the pump keeps wastewater from flowing back into the sump basin.

Sump Pump or Lift Station Installation & Repair

Our certified licensed plumbers will evaluate your home or office and give an honest recommendation regarding your sump pump or lift station needs.  We then work with you to either install a new sump pump, lift station or provide repair or replacement estimates of the equipment.

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